Cruising to Rangitoto Island!

rangitoto new zealand

Rangitoto Island from Mission Bay

Fullers ferries sail twice a day to Rangitoto Island in the Hauraki Gulf (three departures off the island on a Saturday).

Rangitoto is one of Auckland’s icons. A lovely volcano only 25 minutes by ferry from the wharf I showed you in my Train Day post.

It costs NZ$29 per adult return – and you pretty much have to get a return ticket because there is no where to stay overnight on the island and no where to buy a ticket when you get over there.

auckland new zealandferry aucklandrangitoto island new zealand rachel

There are a few holiday houses on the island, but the council has introduced a rule to get rid of them. They can’t be bought or sold. They can’t even be passed down through families. Luckily, my best buddie Brigette has a family member with a house there. So I felt really privileged to be invited to her birthday weekend, because staying overnight could soon be a thing of the past!


A small group of us took the 9am ferry from Auckland Ferry Terminal out to the island. After setting up in the bach we went for a long walk to the other side of the island for a swim in the shallows. The gulls were having a lazy summer’s day as well!

rangitoto island new zealandrangitoto island new zealandrangitoto island bach

Despite being absolutely shattered after the long hot walk (and avocado sandwiches – yummy) we took an after dinner stroll to check out the sunset. It was all very romantic for four girls and a lad!

rangitoto island new zealand

Mangroves at sunset

rangitoto island new zealandrangitoto island new zealand new zealand flag rangitoto island new zealandrangitoto friends rangitoto island new zealand

And we weren’t disappointed! Blue oceans, orange skies. A fabulous sunset that only a few people will see – from this perspective anyway. It was also the last time I would have a big trip away with my bestie and our other mates before I went overseas. It was all very bittersweet.

auckland new zealandย rangitoto island new zealand

Still, I got to try out my then new Nikon and take some hero shots of my friends. We watched the tankers come in until it started to get dark, grabbed out torches and headed back to the bach for wine and cards. This was back in my wine days, after all.

rangitoto island new zealand moon


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