Sunrise on Rangitoto Island

When my buddies and I stayed overnight on Rangitoto IslandΒ I was the only one up in time for the sunrise. This was probably because I was sleeping in the conservatory.

rangitoto island new zealand seagullrangitoto island new zealand

I grabbed my camera and nipped down to the wharf. Barefoot, in the clothes I slept in. It was me, some gulls, and this guy out in his fishing boat.

rangitoto island new zealandrangitoto island new zealand

When I got to the wharf I proceeded to set up the camera and wait. I wasn’t waiting long. Sunrises are really cool, but they do seem to come and go fairly quickly.

397163_10150665347056703_1841738058_nrangitoto island new zealand seagull rangitoto island new zealand

I did have enough time to take some photos of myself πŸ™‚ That’s important. I spend a lot more time behind the camera than in front of it. This is in the days before Tiernan bought a tripod for me. So the camera was resting on the wharf or on a pillar. Enough to keep it steady for the sun!

sunset auckland new zealand


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