Ezio’s Monteriggioni Villa

Today I am going to share some more photos from the Italy trip Tiernan and I did last year! I never did get around to posting on every destination πŸ™‚ I still have some lovely photos from Monteriggioni lying around. We did not plan to end up here. But seeing the sign en route to Siena it could not be passed up.

monteriggioni italy monteriggioni

Monteriggioni is the home of the hero, Ezio, in Assassin’s Creed II – a game Tiernan, Jack and I all love! If we hadn’t made that association, we probably wouldn’t have stopped. We parked and walked up to the arched entrance. It is very different to the in-game version, but just as beautiful. Typical rural Tuscany. Well worth the slight deviation from our travel plan.

I think most of our education about history has come from playing video games. Age of Empires taught me everything I know about William Wallace! Assassin’s Creed definitely inspired our tour of Italy as Venice, Florence and Monteriggioni all feature in the game.

Video games were not Monteriggioni’s first shout out. The town is also referenced in Dante’s Divine Comedy of the 14th Century.

monteriggioni monteriggioni

It is a walled town with two ‘portal’ gates and 14 towers. Initially built between 1214-1219 as a defensive structure against Florence, the town also got some attention during the renaissance when it was handed over to the Medici family. Most of the architecture – particularly around the main piazza – are renaissance is style. I think it’s awesome :3 Cat-face awesome.

monteriggioniΒ  monteriggioniΒ  monteriggioni

After the leg stretch, it was back on the road to Sienna!


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