Still Loving Legoland


I’m not into long haul flying. Particularly, I’m not into the time it takes to get from New Zealand to anywhere. With this in mind, Jack and I broke up out 10 and 13 hour flights with a stop over in Legoland Malaysia.ย It was my second visit to the park and there was a lot more going on this time in terms of performers and people dressed up as lego characters.

The Lego Movie came out the day we got back to the Philippines so there weren’t any movie characters at the park last time. Luckily, this time around we could get our photo taken with Wyldstyle! I heard Emmet was walking around the pizza area, but we never saw him.


The WTS Coach from Singapore pulled up at 10 am and we began our day checking out Legoland first. Here is a picture of Jack soon after we arrived – just chilling with this guy. What the pictures don’t show is how hot and humid it was. Although thunder was predicted we never saw any. In fact there were clear skies the entire time we were in the park.

DSC_0085 DSC_0082

We found SpiderMan swinging about Legoland Kuala Lumpur. I love seeing my favourite Asian cities in lego-form. It’s so impressive and really captures the essence of each place. The detail and little comic additions is also fantastic.


No need to go to India now!


Elephants at Ankor Wat.


Panda at the Great Wall of China.


Guy going over a cliff in a barrel.


Jeepney in the Philippines! Now there is a familiar sight!


Wat Arun in Bangkok. One of the places I visited last New Year.


Jack enjoyed himself, but we both agreed it was far too hot. It was much hotter than when I visited the park with Tiernan in February. But we managed to make our way around the miniland and main park.

After last time, we decided not to go on the log ride. There is a ride that will get you completely drenched without having to go to the waterpark side. Although we probably would have dried quickly, we didn’t fancy being uncomfortable! There were plenty of other rides to go on!


There are a lot of side-show type games in the Kingdomย area. Jack was really interested in these and it’s probably where we wasted the most money. I did manage to walk away with a purple, stuffed hippo (now named Plippo).

DSC_0101 DSC_0104

We spent about three hours in Legoland before deciding it was too hot to go on. So off we went to the water park! Our first stop was a dash into the wave pool. We kept saying how awesome it was over and over again – such a relief to be in water! Next, we went on most of the slides. Jack won every race, and then we had a lunch of wedges, chips and curly fries. Every kind of chip!

There were grand plans for two hours on the Lazy River, but I discovered I was sun burned and we didn’t want to risk getting more burned. The day was called at 4 pm and we took an early bus home. Still a lovely day. Still want to go again.


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