An Afternoon and A Show

big ben elizabeth tower

After Buckingham palace it didn’t take us long to walk down to Westminster Palace and Abbey. Tiernan took the requisite photo with a red telephone box for us. It seems both Jack and I had unwittingly dressed to match it!

There was a bit of a queue trying to take the photo with one of the three phone boxes that have a decent view of Elizabeth Tower. The photo seems deceptive, but there really were thousands upon thousands of people thronging around these tourist trail icons.

westminster abbey westminster abbey

Nice sunny day for a picnic on the tiny Westminster Abbey green?

big ben elizabeth tower

After a quick snap of the front of the abbey we crossed the river to get a better angle on the Palace of Westminster and Elizabeth Tower (housing Big Ben!). Looking good. Our sunburn was steadily being topped up with the unrelenting rays. It was almost too much.

I told the guys that when we found a place for lunch we would be stopping for at least one hour. We ended up having pasta under a bridge near Waterloo station and it was fantastic.

palace of westminster palace of westminster

After lunch we jumped on the tube and went to Leicester Square with the ambition of buying tickets to a show. Any show. We were initially distracted by a very important place – the M&Ms shop!

Now, a natural conclusion is that we should have walked out of here with loads of chocolate, but we didn’t. Jack bought a towel, because he forgot to bring one, and I got a purse. The only M&Ms were the ones we got for free from the personalisation area. Personalised M&Ms are a great idea. Would be extremely cool for save the dates or a wedding favour. I am sure a million billion people have done that idea, but I still like it.

m&M shop m&M shop P1000132

Eventually we did find our way to a ticket booth. We decided on something everyone would enjoy – Jersey Boys. Jack saw it in New Zealand in 2012 and Tiernan and I had never been, but like music. So we got tickets for 7.30pm at Piccadilly Theatre.

We made a quick trip to Primark to top up on clothing and then went back to the hostel for a hasty change. We were in Piccadilly by 7 pm and sat down in perfect timing for the curtains to come up. The show was 100% awesome. So amazing. I wanted to see it again immediately and ‘Sherry’ became the theme tune for the rest of the trip. I’m still very much in my Four Seasons phase right now.

leicester square ticket jersey boys picadilly circus picadilly circus

Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and experienced the worst service ever. The guy got my pizza totally wrong despite me explaining what I wanted three times. Tiernan even pointed out that he had tomatoes written down when I hadn’t said a word that sounded remotely like tomatoes. Not to mention I hate tomatoes, so it’s not a word I normally voice. Needless to say, the pizza had tomatoes, along with several other things I didn’t order. The guy might have knocked 5 pound of the bill, but it really was just completely wrong.

And that was the end of that.


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