Day Trip to Windsor Castle

Saturday morning was very damp. It was the Trooping of the Colour in London, but we skipped the pomp and ceremony in favour of a train journey out to Windsor Castle. By the time we left in the mid afternoon, the Queen had arrived and the Royal Standard was waving there instead of Buckingham Palace.

windsor castle

Windsor Central Station is inside a really awesome arcade of shops. The sweet shop, for one, is massive. We walked up to the castle from there.

station windsor

It initially rained. We hid in the audio guide booth for a few minutes. After the initial downpour we managed to make it inside for a tour of the State Apartments while the rain pummelled the windows. By the time the tour was over there were blue skies.

windsor tower

Tiernan gave the tour, it was appropriate since he is a tour guide by day anyway. He had the audio guide on and would tell us interesting facts as we walked through the apartments. I wish we could have taken pictures inside, because the rooms are amazing and house some world famous art – like the portraits of the teenage Princess Elizabeth (Elizabeth I), Henry VIII and Prince Edward.

Henry VIII Hans Holbein Younger

Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger held in the Royal Collection, Windsor Castle. Photo from the Royal Collection.

We also saw the card the Queen sent to her mother, Queen Elizabeth, for her 100th birthday; a letter sent by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria just after their engagement; and a cute little letter from Bonnie Prince Charlie to his Papa. There is an amazing collection of historical documents, art and furniture. Plenty of awesome things I learned about in university and finally got to see in person. You really appreciate that these portraits were people who once lived.

Jack and Tiernan were content to muck around a bit in the sunshine. 2 p.m. train back to London for more major sightseeing!

DSC_0299 jack archer


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