Kayaking at Tinnaberna

beach ireland Tinnaberna Beach is down the cliff from where Tiernan’s parents have a holiday mobile. They go there almost every weekend during Summer and Jack, Tiernan and I went down as well last weekend. On Sunday everyone decided to go kayaking in the Irish Sea! dog beach We brought balls for the dogs because what we had to do was not so dog friendly. Unless your dog is an ocean swimmer – in that case, it’s fine. Tammy is an ocean swimmer, but she is injured so she is in forced retirement. jack tiernan beach After testing the water everyone agreed that it was cold. At one point Tiernan’s mum went out on the boogie board and basically went into shock. I took a lot of convincing to get into the kayak. Things looked more promising once the sun came out. dog ball beach Tammy was plenty happy with her ball. Look, she’s smiling! lifejacket Tiernan donned a lifejacket to go out in the double kayak with Jack for round one. kayak dog water dog water She might be taking a break, but Tammy gave following the kayaks a decent shot. kayaking kayak After Tiernan and Jack came back in, it was my turn. Don’t be fooled by the sunny photos. It was bloody cold that water. My feet went in – I wanted out. Had to sit down in the kayak. Wave comes over the top and drenches my lower half – I wanted out. “I’m not having fun,” I said to Tiernan. “You will. So sit down and I’ll push us out.” But it wasn’t that simple because my lifejacket was on backwards and we had to stop for a few cold moments to re-wrap me. Eventually we got out, waterproof camera in hand, and it was fun. jackkayak kayak rachel tiernan beach panorama


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