On the Prowl in Belfast

Donegal Place Belfast

I’m sitting in a hostel common room watching a fish swim around in a glass bowl.

Jack said last night he never though goldfish existed in a plain glass bowl like they do in the movies. Here it does. I wonder what it’s name is. Tiernan says his name is Replaceable, because they are always having to replace him. Jack and I arrived in Belfast Tuesday night; two hours behind schedule, because the train was held up in Howth Junction due to a track fault. By the time the train got going we should have been in Belfast already. But we arrived, checked in, and went for dinner.

Dinner was at an awesome restaurant called Speranza. They have a brilliant deal. Between 1 and 7pm, Monday thru Thursday, pasta and pizza is buy one get one free. Jack and I had a bowl of cabonara each – enough on it’s own really – and still had a pizza a piece after that! The pepperoni one is still in the hostel fridge if anyone wants it. The service at Speranza was also double thumbs up. I’m sure they will become a local once we’ve moved up permanently. That’s what we’re doing in Belfast, actually.

Looking at houses to rent.

There is some bother because none of them are available until September. I wonder why that is? We are seeing five houses this afternoon; walking to them in the first drizzle for two weeks. Some of them were pretty bad. I know the estate agents clean them between tenants, but it was a bit scary to see the things people do to rental properties.

For example, the first place we went to had been completely trashed. So much had been spilled on the carpet that it needed replacing. The agent woke up a guy in the bed who didn’t know what day it was – let alone viewing day. The second house wasn’t as gross, but was still untidy. One of the current tenants was there. She was telling us how she’s been on holiday so her room is messy. When I go on holiday I normally clean my house first, so it’s nice to come back to.

In the end we visited three we liked. We could have gone on and on looking, but decided to pick from the ones we had already seen. So Thursday morning we went to an estate agent and put down a deposit. Things are to be finalised on Monday. Move in September. It’s something to look forward to. Renting in Belfast post to come.

We also picked up a hire car Wednesday morning.

It seems a bit surplus to requirement right now. We were going to use it to drive to Galway to see Tiernan on Wednesday night. Then we were going to use it to pick Tiernan up from Dublin and bring him to Belfast. In the end we didn’t need it for anything and it spent most of its time parked in my Austin Power’s style parking space outside the hostel.

On Thursday afternoon we took a rainy drive along the Antrim Coast. It was really lovely and misty, but for some reason we didn’t stop to take a single photo. I think it is because we know we will probably visit again once we are living in Belfast. Lunch was in the Copper Kettle in Bushmills – always nice – and went back to Belfast.

Back to Dublin on the train this afternoon.


4 thoughts on “On the Prowl in Belfast

  1. Rainy or sunny, we love seeing your photos Rachel.
    I really enjoyed my 4 days in Belfast, so can’t wait to see all the places you visit there. If you need any ideas for inner Belfast, you could check out my blog. It’s not as well written as yours but I do have lots of photos of my time there.


    • I don’t think my blog posts are any sort of fine literature 😛 I shall head on over to see your photos. I just wan’t on the ball so much this time round because we will be moving up soon. Every time I see something I just think “Oh we’ll get it next time.”


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