Nearly On the Set of Vikings

Vikings has wrapped for the summer. Now we wait for the editing process before we get to see the fabulous third season. But the set hasn’t been broken yet. So we went up to Sally Gap this morning to take a look.


The view is lovely. But the pictures can’t really convey the temperature!

Tiernan and Jack looked like hikers. I didn’t so much with my fancy woollen jacket.

Tiernan and Jack in Wicklow

jack wicklowrachel tiernan wicklowTiernan wicklow

From Sally Gap, we saw the set of the Vikings TV show. We also saw their viking ship up close as it was being loaded up in the parking lot. A couple of hikers had stopped to take a look as we drove by. Other than that there was no one else up there.

Vikings set wicklow

But it was really, really windy! And so nippy! Hardly summer!

rachel wicklow

I made sure to keep close to Jack and Tiernan who were my windbreakers.

From there we went down to Glendalough to check out a possible wedding reception location!

rachel jack wicklow Tiernan wicklow


2 thoughts on “Nearly On the Set of Vikings

  1. More lovely pics Rachel. Is that the Lake commonly known as Guinness Lake because of its black colour? I’m not sure if this is it’s proper name or not. That drive through the Wicklow mountains to Glendalough I absolutely loved.We did that on our very first day in Ireland.


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