A Blarney Day Trip

blarney castle
The other day Jack and I were in Blarney having a look at the castle and not kissing the stone. As typically happens when I go to Blarney, it rained [Blarney One, Blarney Two]. I personally think my second visit to Blarney was the better post. Better stories. Better photos. But everything was OK because I had my red and blue, spotted umbrella from Marks and Spencer. That umbrella has lasted a really, really long time.

blarney castle glasses

I was glad Jack was there because I feel like I have just been taking the same photo over and over again lately. When we go to see interesting places around Ireland it is normally on Tiernan’s bus, so there is a fixed schedule. We don’t get to spend as long as we like in each place. That means I don’t get the varied light that happens when you show up in say early morning or late afternoon. But we came up with some ideas for photos and took off around the grounds.

Blarney Castle Blarney Castle Blarney Castle Jack Blarney Castle Blarney House

Something new was taking the long walk to the Lake. We only saw one person on the whole walk around. It is not a part of the Blarney Castle grounds that tourists normally make their way to. I was glad we went as we found fields of daisies and long walks lined with wildflowers. This compared really well to previous visits in autumn and spring. Spring is fantastic because, like most of Ireland, the gardens are coated in a thick layer of daffodils.

Rachel FieldDaisies


3 thoughts on “A Blarney Day Trip

  1. Like the blog!
    We have been to Ireland twice, & both times, to Blarney. This last time, we didn’t go to the castle, just the gardens. My goodness, how lovely! Spent over six hours wandering. Can’t wait to come back for a third time!


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