Tiernan and His Go Pro

So it was Tiernan’s birthday last week, as I mentioned earlier. Jack and I pulled together to buy him a Go Pro – a very fancy camera that people use while being extreme.ย You know, they attach it to their kayaks and stuff.

Go Pro

This one will probably be used on a kayak at some point, but it is mostly for attaching to the front of the bus. I’m really looking to the bus’s point of view of the Slea Head Drive.

I have to say that, so far, it really is awesome. Worth every one of the many pennies that got spent on it!ย Tiernan is going nuts for it. I haven’t really seen him this week due to work stuff, but I think he’s been tucking it in at night? :3 The first night he set it up so it would have a shot of the whole room and just watched the feed on his iPhone (it has a five second feed delay so we watched everything we did over again).

tiernan go pro

We have quite a stock of vlogs from our various trips and antics in a backlog, so it might be a while before we get a Go Pro video up. But look forward to it, because it films amazingly.


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