The Bray Air Display 2014

Bray Air DisplayThis afternoon Jack and I, along with a few thousand other people, made our way to Bray for the 2014 Air Display. We were absolutely packed solid onto the DART. Three went by before we could even jam onto one. The show had well started when we arrived. It’s really typical; everyone was advised to use public transport today, but when it came down to it there wasn’t enough to service the demand. Absolutely everyone wanted to be in Bray today!

Bray Air Display

When we finally made it and pushed our way out of the station the crowds seemed to increase. The sea front was absolutely packed with families and air enthusiasts. So much so that they called in the army!

Crowds Bray Air Display Irish Army Bray

Only joking, but the army was there.

We picked our place on the rocks and watched for a few hours. Some people must have arrived very early to pick prime positions, like up on top of Bray Head. I think the view was probably better from our end of the beach because you could see just how many people were crammed onto the hill side. There were people on the rocks, the shore and the hills. Even on Dad’s shoulders! That said, there was more than enough space for everyone.

Bray Air DisplayRachel at BrayBray Air Display SpectatorsSpectatorsRocks

It was a really good show with plenty of daring feats. I am a pretty average flyer at the best of times, so I can’t really imagine going upside down. You’d never get me sky diving! Although I like to think I am fairly adventurous in other respects.

On the way home we popped into Centra. There was a man from Limerick on the radio talking about flying in the display with the plane he built himself. It seems as though the whole area is consumed with flight this afternoon!

Bray Air Display Bray Air Display Bray Air Display

Jack and I were both really keen to get on the road (DART) before the end of the show. Mostly we didn’t want to be sardined into the DART again.  As I am typing this post I can hear the planes going over Killiney on the way to Bray. But the first stop was for some hot dogs in the carnival. You can’t go to an airshow without one of those! That would be silly!

Aside from watching the actual airshow there was plenty to do. I mentioned the carnival, but there was also model airplanes and other exhibitions – I imagine that is why the army was really there.

Helter Skelter Sausages Sausages Carnival BrayThe Air Display came really highly recommended and it was well worth it. If we go again next year we will have to remember a picnic.

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