Pitch & Putt

Golf Ball and hole

Today we did something that we’ve been meaning to do for two years – go to pitch and putt golf in Glencullen, South Dublin. Fortunately, Tiernan had the day off today and I am still looking for work in Belfast so everyone was free to go amateur golfing. After lunch we went up to the Glencullen Pitch & Putt to tee off.

Glencullen Golf

It’s a very serious game.

No Children

In New Zealand mini-golf is the big thing. You know, putting around windmills and rocks and that sort of thing. Trying to get the best angle and pretending you know things about geometry (Dad). In Ireland, however, they are all about this interesting game called Pitch & Putt.

Pitch & Putt sits somewhere in the middle of real golf and miniature golf. You have two clubs, a pitcher (type of wedge) and a putter. According to wikipedia, the course can be a maximum of 1km long and the holes are a max of 70m in length. So no golf carts for us! You don’t have to use a wedge either, as long as you have a putter, the other club can be whatever you like.

Rachel Teeing off

Rachel Putting

As you can see, I was really good at it. Only joking. I plodded along in the middle of Tiernan and Jack to come second. Once or twice I got a 4, so I was chuffed. Just ignore the fact that the entire course is Par 3 for each hole… To be honest, we were quite an evenly matched bunch.

Golf flag

We were so evenly matched in our average-ness that we had to let two groups of players pass us during our round. Fortunately, that left me with plenty of time to muck around and take pictures of absolutely EVERYTHING!

Gold Flag Golf Clubs

Jack was annoyed because he wasn’t immediately amazing at it – Jack being the natural sportsman and all. But there was no dummy spitting (getting upset when you’re behind), which was probably a first for any golfing expedition with my family :3 I call that success! And I got great action shots of both Jack and Tiernan that make them look like professional golfers. Had I not been so honest in the last couple of paragraphs, you would never have known!

Jack puttingTiernan teeing off

It was a scorcher of a day and we may have gotten a little red. But it was worth it to spend the afternoon with this view! To sum up – I recommend Pitch & Putt and I want to go again tomorrow.



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