Johnnie Fox’s Pub

Johnny Fox's

About two hundred years ago Johnnie Fox set up a pub in the middle the mountains in Dublin. This pub is one of the must-see places in Ireland for a lot of people. It achieved primary fame as the highest pub in Ireland (since disproven). Now it maintains it’s draw card because of its long history and secure place on the tourist trail.

Johnny Fox's Johnny Fox's Finest Ales

It’s cosy and eclectic. I’ve never eaten a meal under that many bedpans before, but it does seem a bit touristy rather than the “authentic” experience they claim to have. When I think authentic, I think typical, could be anywhere in Ireland. I can tell you that my local pub does not have that many bedpans – or any.

The pub is also into attracting famous people. There are momentos around the place and the fact regularly pops up in their advertising. So if you’re out star spotting, it might be worth a stop.

Johnny Fox's Rachel Johnny Fox's

Overall, my experience of this pub was only OK. For example, it wasn’t even a busy day for the pub. We got a car park pretty close to the entrance and all. But for some reason the service was dead slow. We sat and ordered drinks, which took about 15 minutes or more to materialise, and we only got dinner service by flagging a manager after we had waited and waited for our server to return. Plus side? The food did look good when it arrived.

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