10,000 Miles

Ever wondered how far it is from Dublin, Ireland to Auckland, New Zealand? It’s 11,289 miles. Not only are the two countries on opposite sides of the planet, they in completely opposite hemispheres (Ireland is North-West and New Zealand South-East). For much of the year they are 12 hours apart with New Zealand a day ahead.

Google Map Dublin to Auckland

When Tiernan and I started talking about getting engaged we also agreed on most of the nuts and bolts. Now, after being engaged for 6 months we should probably start ‘executing Plan A.’ Considering the scope of this operation, I should probably get it planned to the minute. I haven’t done much yet.


Destination Weddings are pretty vogue at the moment. Who doesn’t like the sound of long walks on the beach or walking down cobblestoned lanes? But the Tiernan & Rachel destination wedding has been born out of necessity. It’s going to be a wedding of three acts – and three countries. I know that sounds stupidly extravagant, but it seems to be the only way to achieve happiness with family and friends on different sides of the planet – many of whom (on my side) can’t travel.

Neutral Territory

This was my suggestion. To have the actual wedding ceremony in some third country that we both love. Immediate family and our witnesses can attend the ceremony (which will also have an internet stream once I get the tech sorted) and we will have parties in both Ireland and New Zealand to celebrate with our extended family and friends.

Our neutral territory did not end up being exactly half way. You can still drive there from Ireland in a couple of days. It’s Venice, Italy. The place where Tiernan and I took our first overseas vacation together. I have wondered if the Philippines might be more appropriate, but after living there and witnessing the one of my colleagues plan his wedding, I think the paperwork will be more straight forward in Italy. And the paperwork is important.


On the Paper Trail

One interesting aspect has been researching the paperwork we’ll need. I’ll start working on this in earnest next May, but as we’re based in Belfast both Tiernan and I have to go through our embassies in London (New Zealand and Ireland). Despite the fact that we live two hours drive from the Dublin office Northern Ireland is a different country and we have to do the Irish papers through London. In New Zealand other countries are not within a practical driving distance, so it all seems like madness to me. I’ll have to make an update post when this is over to let you know how it goes.

Thinking Space

Social Stuff

I put together a website earlier this year to help consolidate the plan and put all the information in one spot. As I have techno-joy, I have set up an online RSVP system, as well. I don’t think that will work out well for the 90 year-old great aunts, but I’m sure it will be grand!

Give Logo

The Stats

I said before I hadn’t done much. But here’s where we’re at 15 months out from the Big Day (but only 4 months out from the New Zealand party).

  • I was pretty concerned after reading up loads of blogs saying how early you need to book a photographer. So the deposit for our Italian husband and wife team was paid in April. Even this seems to early to me, we probably could have waited.
  • I’ve also had measurements take for my dress. I really wanted to use a New Zealand designer, so the dress is a creation of Sally Eagle. When I got back to New Zealand in November, I’ll get to see how it looks!
  • We also got in touch with wedding planner Gemma at italy2wed.com who will be helping us with our bookings, filings and vendor liaising in Venice. So now we can relax about Italy until May, worry about planning the Irish part in November and get the invites out for New Zealand in the next 6 weeks. Perhaps I could do this for a living, too?

I swore I wasn’t going to turn my blog into a wedding blog, but I might :3 More from this saga soon!


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