Lost in Venice

DSC_0003315354266Cleaning up my hard-drive full of photographs and I came across more lost images from last year’s trip to Italy. These are the pictures from our first morning in Venice. After thinking about wedding planning, it was nice to find them again. Now I’m full of inspiration!

It took us a while to find our little B&B – because it was down a little alley and through a tunnel. But it has the cutest little courtyard. Coincidently, the tavern on the bottom floor is the place we’ll be having our reception in November 2015.

“Tiernan, what do you think of this place? I reckon a tavern will be good for the wedding dinner since there’s only a few of us.”

“Yeah that’s cool. Isn’t that the place next to where we stayed?”

“Is it?” I quickly matched these photos to the photos on the wedding planner’s website. “Oh yeah! Look at that!”

So that was a fabulous coincidence. A sign even? Look at me, posing right in front of it!


DSC_0016-1331714736In fact not really knowing where we are only to find out we are right where we are supposed to be was a major theme of the trip. The first thing we did in Venice, after checking in, was to pick a random direction and walk in it. We ended up going in the direction of the beautifully Byzantine Venetian Arsenal.

Thank goodness it was a big enough building to be able to correspond ourselves to a grid reference or we would have been well lost.




DSC_0063-120073172It was an easy stroll up from the arsenal to the promenade, Riva Degli Schiavoni. We seemed to end up here a lot. It might have been a grey day, but it shows how amazing Venice is in any weather. Sure, it rained that evening, but the next day was bright and sunny. It was like we got to see each of Venice’s faces – yay, Carnivale reference!

We really love doing walkabouts in new places. We don’t visit a lot of museums, unless there is something particular we really want to see, or go in to churches and attractions if we can help it. Kyoto was a real struggle in that regard as most of the really famous temples had courtyards and complexes – so we had to go in to see the things we wanted to see.

If everything goes our way, in each new city or town we walk around, looking at buildings, and maybe having little something nice in a cafe. I like to find vantage points: a bridge, a terrace, a river bank. My favourite souvenir is a photograph.




15 thoughts on “Lost in Venice

  1. great pics, no problem finding a bridge for a vantage point! I was there last month for 10 days, stayed about 100m from Rialto bridge ( your first pic) for most of the time. VERY busy. Tip for your readers : go any time of the year but July and August, so criwded you can hardly move!


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