A Spot of Tea

Tea and Cake Cake Cafe

On Saturday I met my friend Maeve in town. I asked my personal Facebook if anyone would be about to go Indie shopping with me and she was! We spent about 6 hours walking around the best of the Southside’sย craft, food and fashion stores. My feet took two whole days to recover!

The first thing Maeve did when we met in Temple Bar was present me with an early house warming gift – the Cake Cafe Bake Book. The official recipes for one of the cafes we would be visiting, she said. She also highly recommends all their recipes as being great and turning out just as they are in the cafe. I can’t wait to try them out in my new kitchen!

Cake Cafe Dublin

We made our way to the Luas and went one stop up to Harcourt Luas Stop. There’s no reason why you can’t walk up Camden Street – we just weren’t in the mood as the whole day was going to be walking anyway.

It was then a short stroll to the cafe. Maeve’s second time that day as she went there for breakfast with her boyfriend, too. That’s a bit of a testament to how good it is ๐Ÿ™‚

Finding the Cake Cafe involves either an unlikely back alley or a walk through a gorgeous independent paper store, Daintree Paper. I almost didn’t make it out of the paper store. They have some lovely Japanese Paper that I simply HAD to have for decorating my travel memory box.

Daintree papercake Cafe Dublin

We ordered teas and cakes and missed the main rain shower to fall that day. The orange cake was really lovely. I ordered a chocolate brownie, which didn’t end up being to my taste, but it was still good. I definitely recommend this cafe as somewhere different to try in Dublin! And they didn’t even pay me to say that.

Tea and Cake Cake CafeCake Cake CafeCake Shop Bake Book

The Cake Cafe Bake Cook Sells for โ‚ฌ15.95 on their website.

The Cake Cafe
8 Pleasants Pl
Dublin 2

Daintree Paper
61 Camden St.
Dublin 2



5 thoughts on “A Spot of Tea

    • It’s such a neat book. I’ve never seen one like it, just the way it’s been made. I can’t wait to test it out! Thanks for the layout compliments, too. In essentials, it’s just a premium theme, but I worked pretty hard making the icons and page links. So I’m really glad someone else likes it!


      • Awesome, let us know when you bake something ๐Ÿ™‚ and you’re welcome, I know it must have been a hard work… working with blog design is never easy, even if its only one icon here or there, it takes some time and patience ๐Ÿ™‚ but yes I really like it, its very clean!


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