Trinity College v. Dublin Rebels [Sports Report]

Before I start, I want to talk about something cool. How cool is it that parasport is part of the Commonwealth Games? Those athletes deserve to have the full Games experience, because for some reason the crowds aren’t as big at parasport events. I was just watching the blind sprinters last night while writing this post and they are really, really good athletes! And what is at least as cool are the guide runners who train and race with them. They work super hard as well. They could probably have their own athletic careers, but they want to be a guide runner. It’s just so great and I hope they start including the Paralympics with the Olympics ASAP.

British Blinds Sport:

Vision Sports Ireland:

Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014

After the first game on Sunday, between the Trojans and the Vikings, there was a second semi-final between the Dublin Rebels and Trinity College. I suppose the Rebels are our local team since they train at Kilbogget Park, which is round the corner from our house. But we were supporting Trinity College.

Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014

The game was a run away victory for Trinity who really out classed the Rebels. It was hard to judge which team will take the finals (out of Belfast Trojans or Trinity) because the calibre of the games was so different. Are Trinity better because they scored more points? Were the Vikings and Trojans just reasonably well matched teams where the Trojans stole the victory?

I think Trinity looked very on-form. They might be the ones to dethrone the Trojans in a couple of week’s time.

Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014

I don’t know if this is something they actually do or something that just happened by coincidence, but whenever one of the Trinity players was injured the team would almost all go down on one knee. If they planned that, that’s pretty neat. If they all randomly did it at the same time… that’s pretty neat.

This game was a pleasure to photo. Plenty of action. Plenty of scoring down by where Jack and I were sitting. We had moved so as not to be near any groups of people. I like to be able to sit down and take pictures rather than push my way along the sidelines.

Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014Trinity College versus Dublin Rebels 2014

Other than that, the weather packed in. It was cold and rainy in small patches. Fortunately the club rooms at Westmanstown Sports Centre are really nice and have a great carvery. Jack and I warmed up with hot chocolates and Tiernan arrived about an hour after the games ended to collect us. Yay sports! Then Tiernan got lost going home because he didn’t go the way I told him to. Silly Tiernan! 😛 (Loves!)

Dublin Rebels:

Trinity College AF:



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