Our Monopoly Tour of London

monopoly realAs some of you might remember, we had an absolute blast walking around London in June. It was hot and far too sunny. Just a dream holiday, really. I got to see Tiernan for the first time in months and months (since we lived in separate countries last year) and we made the most of it by making as much silly fun as possible.

What else do you do in London but visit all of the Monopoly properties? We tried to fit in as many as we could as a kind of side project within our daily walkabouts. Tiernan was the Photographer, I was the Banker and Jack was the only player of Real Life Monopoly. Jack playing along with varying levels of exasperation!

We actually got a few sets! All the Reds, Yellows, Pinks, and Greens. Made a really good start on the others as well, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with endless photos of Jack and I standing by signs! So here is a selection of some of the photos we took with the relevant street signs.

monopoly realmonopoly realIf you are going to do this project in one day, I recommend heading out to Old Kent Road and Marlborough Street first as they are the furthest out and to the south. If you stay at the Generator Hostel, like we did, you can get the Light Blues very easily as the are very nearby!

Luckily, the majority of the properties are right amongst the tourist spots – so it’s easy to check off the list while seeing the major landmarks!

monopoly realmonopoly realmonopoly real

If you ever go to London and have an interest in walking your socks off, you can find our map on Google Maps – here. I also included a couple of funny suggestions for the utilities. The Water Works is Water UK’s head office. The Electric Company is the Electric Cinema. The Cinema is a bit out of the way but hey, it’s funny!

Google Maps Monopoly Tour


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