Oh Deer!

Fallow DeerI have to be the funniest person on the planet. My ability to pun amazes me at every turn.Β Ok, I’m probably not the first to make that joke, but if it’s funny to me, it’s staying on the blog πŸ™‚

So Phoenix Park has some 450 free roaming deer. They are easy enough to find as they about the park in a few little herds of 20 or so. We found these ones having a spot of rugby at the sports pitches. Tiernan was happy enough to herd them into a good photo spot. Wellington Monument in the background and everything!

The deer are reasonably used to humans, but I wouldn’t want to take on those antlers.Β Tiernan said his friend, who studied zoology, had to capture and tag all the deer one year. Supposedly it was great fun!

I wish we’d been a month or two earlier so we could have seen the tiny fawns. Sweet Like Cinnamon got some great photos of them being cute!

Fallow DeerDeer History

  • The deer were introduced to the park in the 1660s and those there today are the descendants of the original herd.
  • The Phoenix Park deer areΒ Fallow Deer. That’s essentially Bambi; the ones with the spots. Fallow Deer are also the most common wild deer in Ireland.

Deer Maintenance

Every so often the park staff cull the herd down to a manageable size (450 being considered capacity). Someone gets to eat venison for the next month, that’s for sure!

Apparently they also have about 6 social groups of badger, but I’ve never been in the park at a good time to see them. The only badger I’ve ever seen was roadkill.

Phoenix Park is also home to Dublin Zoo, so it’s a great place to do an animal treasure hunt!

Phoenix Park DeerDeer Sign


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