Victorian Walled Kitchen Gardens

Walled Garden Phoenix ParkI’m feeling a bit frustrated at the moment because I’m still on the job hunt. Applying for jobs is like having a full time job. Searching, writing cover letters, spell checking and CVs. It takes a lot of time and several cups of tea! That means I spend a lot of time hanging out at home, rather than going on adventures, on the off chance I might get a job. I’ve written a long list of things to do locally. So I do get to have some fun now and then. The Victorian Walled Kitchen Gardens were pretty high on my list.

I’m in serious need of some quiet. Good thing gardens are pretty peaceful. And I like looking at the flowers :3 I’ve never been a very good gardener, myself. I’m ok at digging and planting, but the overall maintenance gets away on me. Our new house in Belfast doesn’t have any space for a garden at all, so I guess that’s good. I won’t have the space to kill any plants!

My Mum is really coming along in the gardening department. She has some tomatoes and strawberries. The only thing that can’t be grown, apparently, at our house in New Zealand is a lemon tree! If Mum’s tried growing a lemon tree once, she’s tried it a million times.

When we were at the Phoenix Park earlier in the week Jack and I did a walk around the Victorian Walled Kitchen Garden. These gardens make up two and a half acres of the Park. They are being restored to their original period layout and only the first garden is open at the moment. There is a range of dahlias in all different colours around the outside. In the centre are vegetables and herbs of all kinds. I liked the runner beans because they are MASSIVE. I think Jack found it a bit boring, though. He enjoyed the man who grabbed his kids by the scruff of the neck for walking on the grass.

Location: Phoenix Park Visitor’s Centre

Hours: 10am – 4pm daily


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