The Shamrock Bowl 2014

Tallaght StadiumThey weren’tΒ the most ideal of conditions at Tallaght Stadium for the 2014 Shamrock Bowl yesterday. It was the Belfast Trojans vs. Trinity College. All the spectators were huddled into the covered seating on one the terraces. It was a pretty tight fit, but made it seem like the crowd was huge.

Jack and I got there pretty early because we had to catch the Dart AND the Luas so we left with plenty of time. There was a gaelic match on at Croke Park as well, so there were a lot of people using the Red Line. Fortunately we always seemed to be going in the opposite direction.

Shamrock Bowl 2014 Shamrock Bowl 2014 Knights Cheerleaders Shamrock Bowl 2014

Not long after the game started the rain came down like never before. The game was even stopped for half an hour because of the lighting (the only weather that can really cancel a game). Compare these two pictures – the weather just couldn’t make up its mind.

Shamrock Bowl 2014 Tallaght Stadium RainAfter the rain, the groundsmen came out to roll the grass with their giant sponges, but it was really a waste of time as the rain kept returning with vengeance. I was really glad that wasn’t my job. All I had to do was watch, take photos and eat chips. I’m off chips at the moment because I need to fit into my wedding dress, but I made an exception this time.

Back to the game. There was no score though-out the first half, but Belfast always looked stronger. Trinity College’s star #2, who carried the who game last time, was struggling in the wet conditions. Eventually they scored one touchdown and the game remained on 0-7 to Belfast for the rest of the match. It’s hard to defeat the now 3 time champions!

Lots of people gave up and left during the final quarter and I don’t blame them. If Belfast hadn’t scored it would have been a stale mate and the weather was really bad. We stayed until the end, but I was really cold. Now I have the sniffles πŸ™‚

Groundsman Tallaght Stadium Rain Shamrock Bowl 2014 Shamrock Bowl 2014 Shamrock Bowl 2014 Shamrock Bowl 2014


8 thoughts on “The Shamrock Bowl 2014

  1. Love, love, love American football. I keep missing the games around town, as they are usually played in far-flung places like Tallaght. Love the action shots. I can almost hear the pads popping and helmets cracking! Got your tickets for the Croke Park Classic with Penn State and Central Florida?


  2. Sure it wasn’t funny for the players, but those pictures came out fantastic! Love the way you managed to capture the rain and the splashing and basically all the watery stuff. I’m impressed!


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