Baby Animals!

Lemurs Dublin ZooOk. Oh my gosh. Where to start! There is just too much going on today. Photographically speaking. You’re going to die of cuteness and I’m sorry. What I am going to do is start with the story and then attach a picture gallery to the end with some extra photos. Ok? Ok, good ๐Ÿ™‚

Dublin ZooToday Tiernan, Jack and I went to Dublin Zoo to visit the Zoo Babies. We had to because they have had far too many new arrivals in recent weeks. Baby meerkats, monkeys, giraffe, elephants, and lions! A very successful breeding program going on, I must say!

We had breakfast in the Meerkat restaurant where we could watch the funny little guys go about their business. Normally we eat before we go out, but we were running a bit late this morning. If we hadn’t needed to eat we wouldn’t have gotten to see some sentry antics, so the trade was fair.

Most of Ireland’s scout troops seemed to be at the zoo today, as well. The farm area and the Reptile House were full of neckerchiefs. But it was thanks to these groups getting lessons from zoo staff on the lawns that meant we got to see a tiger skull!

I was ready to make a bee line for the Elephants. We even went anti-clockwise around the zoo to do so. At first there was only one big elephant who was entertaining everyone by blowing water out of her trunk.ย Everyone shifted their attention completely when the baby arrived. Suddenly a million people manifested from nowhere to coo and take pictures.

Baby Elephant Dublin ZooThe baby was super cute! It spooked and ran away trumpeting its little trunk. Then the herd kicked in to animal mode and all the bigger elephants crowded around the little one for protection.

Baby Elephant Dublin ZooIt was really amazing to see and I was thinking about how they would do it in the wild. If I were a lion or some kind of predator, I probably wouldn’t tackle Fort Elephant!

I have about a million photos of the baby, so check out the album below for more! Baby was just like any toddler – couldn’t stop eating dirt!

Next to the baby, my most prevailing memory of the Elephant Exhibit is kid who got a splinter. That thing must have been made out of titanium for all the noise he was making!

So we walked on through the other exhibits. There is a lovely board walk at the top of the zoo that give you a good view of the zoo’s lake as well as the ape islands.

Gorilla Dublin ZooTiernan spotted a great sign that forbids you from doing pretty much anything to the animals!

tiernan sign dublin zoo Sign Dublin ZooWe took the advice really seriously and stuck to bothering each other…

Tiernan Jack Rhino Dublin ZooThe African exhibit had all the staple characters like Rhinos, Hippos and Giraffe. We loved them all and spent a lot of time here huddling under one small umbrella because the rain decided to visit again. At this point we also got ice creams, which we ate next to the Lemurs in their “Filipino-style” (according to Jack) houses.

But I was already really excited because we were near the end of our circuit of the zoo. Not excited for the zoo to be over, but because we were about to see the brand new lion cub!

Dublin Zoo is set up really inconveniently in some places. The tigers and snow leopard, for example, only have tiny little viewing windows. And you have to let the kids go in front, because kids. So it is really crowded and hard for the large numbers of visitors to all get a good view. Fortunately I managed to make camp in a good viewing corner for the lions. Since I am quite a small person anyway, no one was much bothered. Camping was well worth it because the new lion baby put on a great show for the camera and I am thrilled to be able to present you with this cuteness.

Baby Lion Dublin ZooAnd that, essentially, was the zoo trip! We then went car shopping and didn’t find anything. So we went home. Thank you for reading and viewing! Little Lion says ‘Bye’!

Baby Lion Dublin ZooPlease check out the rest of the gallery below ๐Ÿ™‚

Useful Info

Dublin Zoo Website:ย

Price: โ‚ฌ16.50 adult / child โ‚ฌ11.80 (under 3s free)


12 thoughts on “Baby Animals!

  1. Wow Rachel!! These photos have me wanting to get on the next plane to Dublin Zoo โ˜บ And I’m not usually a Zoo kinda person. I love the one of the giraffe cleaning her tongue on the tree trunk! But they’re all simply stunning pics. Do tell me what camera you have & the setting you use to get such amazing clarity in your photos. Thanks for sharing!


    • I love the zoos, but I’ll never go back to Auckland Zoo after they smashed up the Japanese Garden. I never thought I’d be back at Dublin Zoo because it’s a bit small and crowded. Then the babies came along and there was no choice!

      I use a Nikon D3100. The photos were taken in raw, mostly at f5.6 and 1/502s. A couple were taken at 4.8 and 5, but it didn’t make much of a difference. I edit in iPhoto. So my gear isn’t that flash. I dropped my short lens in Killarney, which was hardly professional :), and now it wiggles.


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