At Wellington Monument

Phoenix Park Wellington MonumentAfter a big weekend I’m still trying to catch up on last week’s Phoenix Park posts. We were at the Wellington Monument early on Tuesday last week to begin our second (more successful) walk around the park. 

Some facts… it’s 62 metres high, which makes it the largest obelisk in Europe. It commemorates Battle of Waterloo hero Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. The Duke was born in Dublin in 1769. The obelisk was initially planned for Merrion Square, but it was opposed by residents. Instead it was erected in the Phoenix Park.

The obelisk was originally going to have a cast of Wellington on it, but the project quickly ran out of funds. The four bronze plaques were cast from cannons seized at Waterloo.

We literally ran around it a few times before Tiernan decided he wanted to film a running tour of the park – so expect that soon. Maybe next week.

Other news is that I am moving up to Belfast on my own at the end of the week. I’ll be helping out in the Hostel run by the tour company that Tiernan works for – just while I’m waiting for something else to come along. One of the guys working up there is leaving and the only guy left up there really only speaks Spanish. So I will be living in a hostel again for about 2 and a half weeks.


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