Happy 2nd Anniversary from Belfast!


Sorry I missed posting yesterday! It’s the first time in a while I’ve missed a Monday! It’s been absolute madness up in Belfast.

The first day I got up here I did a quick tour of the hostel and then went to my tax office appointment. The next day I got to shadow the staff for the whole day and was already extremely worried by what I saw. Sunday I had my first chance to sink my teeth into the hostel admin – it was worse than I thought. A backlog of new bookings stretching across the next year complete with a mass of over-bookings. Most of the bookings were for this Wednesday! That’s right. Tomorrow. August 20. I kicked into overdrive, working two days from 8am to 1am – there was even a stint of 3am booking checks. I had nightmares. I didn’t sleep. How on earth could I run the reception and catch up on over 1,000 emails and a huge number of bookings over three booking websites?

Then we got Bel from Dublin! I love her, she is the absolute best! So now there are two of us attacking the admin from both ends. There is even a new spreadsheet. And when you make a spreadsheet for something you know it’s serious. Belsonic is on at the moment – a music festival – and Queens of the Stone Age are playing tomorrow, which is why we’re so busy. So busy, in fact, that I have to go to Dublin tomorrow because there is no where in town for me to stay. It’s cheaper for me to go to Dublin than stay here.

Also, I have two more interviews on either side of the upcoming long weekend! But after the crisis I am actually having a pretty good time here at the Belfast Hostel now. So I don’t know what I would like to do most.

Then, at about 9pm, I realised that today is my two year blogging anniversary! I made my first Irish blog post on August 19, 2012! That’s crazy madness :3 I’ve had such a good time and been to so many cool places in the last two years. I lived inย the Philippines and New Zealand. I travelled toย some neat places in Asia. Tiernan and I got engaged! What a neat year to re-cap.

So I just wanted to stay thank-you for reading and sticking with me for the last two years! I love you, everybody! *grin face*


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