Road Trip to Kerry

dingle sunsetYesterday I returned from a long weekend of driving around Ireland. I might have just started working, but I already needed a holiday. Fortunately this one has been in the works for a while.

Jack, my bestie Brigette and I left Dublin on Saturday afternoon and drove to Killarney. I love Killarney. I can’t wait to live there. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. After we arrived, we did some touristy shopping and had some Murphy’s stout at Murphy’s Pub. Well Brigette did, anyway. I had a sprite.

Next I showed the team my former work place – Paddy’s Palace. It still looks the same, except it’s weird not having the keys in my pocket! Instead I have Belfast keys. It makes me kind of nostalgic. We stayed at Neptune’s Hostel instead this time! Neptune’s is AMAZING. They have a new building called ‘The Haven’ which is completely spruced up and way too nice for a hostel! The people at Neptune’s are really nice. They used to do my laundry for me when I lived at Paddy’s Palace.

After checking in, we went on a short walk through the National Park. We only made it half way to Ross Castle because we had to drive to Anascaul (a tiny village on the Dingle Peninsula) to get Tiernan! Tiernan was doing a 3-day tour of the Southwest of Ireland which meant he would be in the same part of the world as us. Also he wanted to avoid the karaoke night. In the end we dropped him back with plenty of time to sing a few tunes before bed. I think he secretly likes it.

As tradition dictates, there were Irish Car Bombs in Anascual before we left. Then all four of us piled into the Micra and drove to Dingle for a night out. We arrived about 8.30 p.m., so late ish but in time for sunset. The first stop was another Murphy’s – Murphy’s Ice Cream! The team there are great. They know their stuff regarding ice cream combinations! Three of use walked out with double scoops. It is the creamiest ice cream of all and even beats New Zealand Natural, which is also one of the world’s great ice creams.

Next we went to Dick Mack’s pub – on the recommendation of an ice cream shop worker. We grabbed some more bevs and a table out in their ‘beer garden’ (the back carpark). There was a DJ set up, rocking out by himself to his tunes, and a few people scattered about.Every pub was filled to the bursting there were definitely more people in the pubs than Dingle could possibly house. I wonder where they all come from?

This is where we met Sean from Belfast. He came over to our table and introduced himself. Turned out, like many people in Kerry, Sean could speak Irish. Unfortunately, his Irish went a bit beyond our skill level so it was all very confusing! Tiernan and I also got to watch with stifled laughs as Sean tried to chat to Brigette (who couldn’t understand a word even in English due to his accent). Eventually Sean sauntered off looking a little depressed. Tiernan ridiculed Brigette all the way back to Anascaul.

So it was a great first day of the trip 🙂


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