Slea Head Drive, Dingle

slea head dingleSundays can be a bit dead in Ireland. Lots of places don’t open until after 10am, or even 1pm. So Jack, Brigette and I decided to do the Slea Head drive around the Dingle Peninsula on Sunday morning. We were a bit sad because the awesome weather of Saturday didn’t continue. It was raining and gusting – so we went to hang out around cliff edges. Fortunately, we didn’t get blown off.brigette DSC_0191Slea Head is probably my favourite placeย to visit in Ireland (Killarney being my favourite town, of course). It was definitely my favourite spot on my first ever tour of Ireland. It’s really refreshing to be in the westernmost place in mainland Ireland (Dunmore Head), right on the edge of the Atlantic. So naturally I dragged Jack and Brigette out despite the grey skies.ย 

slea head dingle slea head dingle slea head dingleWe started off at about 9am; meaning we were well ahead of the tour buses. We also got to do a lot more than usual because we were in such a tiny car. You are only supposed to drive around Slea Head in one direction – so the coaches won’t get stuck. When you see how narrow the cliff top roads are you will be glad you don’t have to worry about anything on-coming! Must be a bit annoying for the residents though…

Jack ended up getting sick because of all the twisting turns. I think he enjoyed seeing something different though; Kerry is very different to Dublin.

slea head dingle slea head dingle slea head dingle

Brigette and I were the only ones game enough to go clambering about the countryside. Just after I took the picture of the car with the patchwork fields behind it,ย the rain really started to come down. We ran full pelt back to the car and got completely drenched. It was so great.


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