The Autumn Festival

Heavietst Pumpkin in Belfast

Yesterday Jack and I found the heaviest pumpkin in Belfast. The heaviest marrow, too. I can’t imagine these veges taste very good, but they were ugly, impressive and on display at the Autumn Flower Show over the weekend. We felt like we were in a scene from the 10th Kingdom, where there heroes are in the village and the Peeps have a Magic Well so they’re winning all the contests.

Heaviest Marrow

The Autumn Flower Show was a small, country fair-type event happening in the grounds of the Botanic Gardens. Initially I was just wandering over to take some photos of Queen’s University and maybe visit the Ulster Museum. When we heard a lot of music coming from nearby, we went to investigate and found a Festival.

It was a lot like that time Jack and I went to Merrion Square in Dublin and found a vaguely interesting Street Performer party. This festival was on that scale. Lots of food trucks, a woman singing, a climbing wall, and load of flowers.

Jack really enjoyed the Bonsai Tree contest. There were so many different categories for the little trees! There were also lots of categories for flowers and flower arrangements. One category was for “Two Blooms (of Roses) in One Vase”!

We also spent a lot of time giving out own judgements about the tea setting competition. It turns out that Jack is very knowledgable about what makes a good tea setting! I was just a little bit inspired for Tiernan’s and my engagement party in November, which will be garden party themed.

It was such an interesting find and we had a lot of fun pretending to be judges. However, my favourite part was probably the popcorn and mini doughnuts they had for sale just outside the entrance…


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