Granma turns 100

granma letter from queenOn Saturday my Granma turned 100 years old! We had a lovely, purple themed party at my Aunt’s house. Family came from all over New Zealand and Australia (us from Ireland, of course) for the occasion. Granma even got her letter from the Queen! And the Prime Minister, the leader of the opposition (former), the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Govenor-General.

There was so much food and drink going in probably the quickest two hours of my life. Granma was a bit perplexed by the whole thing, but she was really excited to receive the Queen’s letter. We played God Save the Queen before giving it to her.Β Really surprised by how many of us remembered the words to it considering it’s not our anthem.

Later that evening the family went out for a fancy dinner at One Tree Grill in Greenwoods Corner where we got filled up again with eye fillet steak and pork belly. I had a goat’s cheese starter which had some condiments I couldn’t identify. That’s the thing about fancy food. It’s always presented in such a way that each bite is a mystery!


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