Hot Off the Press

granma central leaderGranma is officially famous with her article making today’s Harbour News and Central Leader! It’s a really good write up and mum gets a mention, too.

You see that Granma is a bit of an intrepid Expat. A bit like me, I guess. She came from Yorkshire but lived in Colombia, Australia and (currently) New Zealand. I remember her telling me the story about how she went into a bedroom in her home in Colombia and all the sheets were missing off the beds (having been stolen through the windows).

Granma has a really funny way of telling her stories. She has a very matter of fact manner that is hilarious to me. For example,ย while living in Australia my uncle used to bring his horse home and put it in the garage. One night there was a heavy thunder storm that literally frightened the horse to death. So there they were with a dead horse in their family garage.ย “What am I supposed to do with a dead horse?” says Granma.

So we’re pilfering as many copies of the local paper as we can from our neighbours ๐Ÿ™‚


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