Video: Live at the Tuning Fork

The Tuning Fork isn’t the biggest venue in the world. It certainly isn’t the biggest venue in Auckland (though it’s next door to the Vector Arena), but it filled up fast for Mick Flannery and John Spillane’s gig on Sunday afternoon. Tiernan and I took my Mum and Dad with us, so when we arrived we ordered four drinks and some snacks before choosing our ideal seat. It was a good thing we arrive slightly before the 3pm doors, because a lot of people showed up just before Mick took to the stage at 3.30pm.

Mick played some seriously depressing songs first before a short intermission. That meant another couple of rounds of drinks before John got up to provide a different sort of humour. The crowd was an interesting mix of Irish expats, hipsters and what seemed to be most of the Irish Society. Plenty of people knew the lyrics to the Irish language songs anyway.

After a third intermission, John and Mick did some delightful renditions of each other’s songs together and all was wound up by about half six. Mum and Dad didn’t know exactly what kind of music they were going to see, so they were pleasantly surprised. They enjoyed the banter as well as the songs and we went off for a great dinner at Wynyard Quarter still talking about it.

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