Running through Dubai Airport with a bag of Shopping

dfs storeIn the theme of Black Friday, which is tomorrow, today’s post is about shopping! Yay!

Monday afternoon. 3.45pm. My first time ordering Duty Free for airside collection. I call the 0800 (free phone) number for Duty Free Stores New Zealand and am put to a lovely, well spoken customer service representative. She helps me order an 80ml bottle of Nina Ricci L’Elixir and a much larger bottle of Cloudy Bay New Zealand Pinot Noir. She also signs me up to the loyalty club for extra discount.

I have never ordered anything over the phone before – not Avon, not anything – but this went so well I might even do it again. The world of retail choice was opened up to me, but I did browse their website beforehand to get an idea of what I wanted to order. You can order online as well, but if you want to access a wider range, it’s better to give them a quick ring. Even better – I was able to order on a Monday afternoon for collection with less than 24 hours notice.

After we checked through departures and cleared security at Auckland Airport on Tuesday afternoon I hurried over to the collection counter to pick up my bags of goodies. They had all been sealed for transit as we had transit stops in Melbourne and Dubai. That meant Tiernan, Jack and I each had a cabin bag, my wedding dress and two plastic bags of duty free to carry.

jack tiernan airport

Jack and Tiernan waiting for me to take photos! Airside, Auckland Airport

auckland airport

All was going well. We’d watched hours and hours of television. I had even managed a few hours sleep on the MEL-DXB leg. Then we landed in Dubai; late, at about 6.30am, with our plane to Dublin due to leave at 7am. By the time we got off the plane it was 6.40am. There was a small knot of ground staff at the gate yelling names of passengers and destinations.

“Dublin? You must go that way. A17. You have no time,” says one woman. And we bolted from A5 to A17 via security.

A family of 5 was near us and we all pushed through security with a lot of “We’re for Dublin”s and “Excuse us, sorry”s which were combined with some sharp shoves of the unfortunately placed other travellers. There were no shopping opportunities in Dubai at all. I don’t even know what shops we passed because we were absolutely flying down the shopping arcade. So it was really a happy coincidence that Duty Free Stores gave me the opportunity to shop and review with them! Here’s a picture of me and my bags!

rachel duty free

This post was supported by Duty Free Stores New Zealand. You may also have noticed them in the side bar (to the right on the home page -> ).


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