Happy Engagement Party

engagement party mint pink

While we were in New Zealand, Tiernan and I arranged to have an engagement party for our friends and family. It was supposed to be at least as nice as a wedding reception as we will only be having a small wedding ceremony next year. Between my mum and me we planned a garden party for our last weekend in the country.

It wasn’t till I got to New Zealand that I really started to settle on a colour them – mint and pink. Although I did a lot of ordering online from myweddingstore.co.nz to get rustic crates, candy jars and some other nick nacks. Probably most important were the many trips to Look Sharp, a dollar store in my home suburb of Onehunga, where we found vases, cupcake and cake decorating things and sweet bags. Mum and my Aunt provided a lot of decor, too, like extra flowers in pots and cake stands.

We started cooking and baking on the Wednesday and somehow managed to pull it all together for Saturday afternoon. It blew an absolute gale so it’s a miracle that the garden aspect even went ahead. I reckon the tables still looked pretty awesome!

Everyone who came had a lovely time and it was good to see some of my extended family again before we returned to Ireland. Who knows when we’ll be back next?!

desert table mint pink

Photos on this page are by Sandy Nguyen Photography. I will do additional posts about the desserts and canapΓ©s we served and about the awesome polaroid guestbook we made, as they require special attention!


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