DIY Polaroid Frame Guestbook

photo guestbook

Our Polaroid Guestbook with beautiful invitations from KaspiCrafts!

Sometimes I think this is turning into a craft blog, but I really wanted to show off the first of our really awesome framed polaroid collages – a wedding guestbook alternative.

You will need:

  • A large frame (or frames)
  • Polaroid Camera and extra film
  • A Sharpie
  • Glue stick
  • A spare copy of your invitation

I was trying to think of some cool ideas to keep out wedding memories together. I visited every corner of Etsy, Pintrest and the wedding DIY universe (which is vast) for inspiration. There are a lot of cool interactive ideas. For example, I really love thumbprint trees, but having seen about three weddings this year amongst my Facebook friends that involved those prints I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Still, I love the idea of something I can display on the wall, so I decided to buy a Fuji Instax camera and put a collage together.

IMG_8443 copy

Before the party I removed the glass from the frame and borrowed my Mum’s wooden easel to display it. We asked all our engagement party guests to take photos of each other, name or message them, and place them into the empty frame. In the centre, I stuck a copy of our engagement party invitation. Once I got back to Belfast I arranged them all into a collage, put the glass back in, and hung it on our living room wall.

I think it looks brilliant, but it’s going to be three times as awesome once the wedding and reception frames are completed, too.

Tiernan also made two amazing Photo Garlands to decorate Mum and Dad’s living room. They proved to be an awesome conversation piece and a great way to share over two years of travels and fun with our family and friends. He spent a few hours over two days putting them together and I’m so proud of him/them 😀

photo garland decoration


4 thoughts on “DIY Polaroid Frame Guestbook

  1. What a grand idea.
    Many years ago, a wedding I went to had a camera set up on a tripod in front of this huge gold empty frame, which was suspended about 3ft off the floor. Guests stood behind the frame in all manner of poses, in pairs & groups (it was large enough fit around 10 guests kneeling & standing behind it) while some one pushed the slow release button on the camera then dashed behind the frame themselves. The snapshots got crazier & funnier as the night wore on & all beautifully framed within this massive gold picture frame. I remember it being so much fun for everyone, including the bridal party.


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