Powerscourt Adventures


One of the many places in Ireland I tend to visit a lot is Powerscourt Estate and Gardens in County Wicklow. The day after Boxing Day was the first time I got to take my brother there. We started off at Powerscourt Waterfall just after lunch time. Despite the cold there were plenty of tourists around. You have to be pretty committed to go there as it costs the somewhat disproportionate amount of EUR5.50 per adult to get in. In the summer you may get your five-fifty worth by taking a picnic. All we got this time around were some wet feet after slipping from the rocks into the icy river!

After becoming too cold to go on we drove around to the Powerscourt Estate. On the way we did a short detour to Summerhill House Hotel – a potential wedding reception venue that didn’t make the final cut. I wanted to show Tiernan one of the options he had missed out on seeing (having only been able to take one of the two search days off from work). Fortunately he wasn’t there or the ultimate decision wouldn’t have been as simple! We ended up deciding based amongst the venues Tiernan did see. He reckons that if he’d come to Summerhill, he would have had a hard time choosing a preference. In the end, the only thing we took away from the little detour was this photo of a squirrel.


Eventually we made it to the Powerscourt Estate. It was quite busy in the shopping area and cafe, but not as many people ventured out into the gardens. Many opportunities for nice photos and, for once, in nice weather. We walked the whole way around the gardens. Jack found his grave in the Pet Cemetery, which was a bit morbid (yet somehow funny).

Like me, Jack is a big fan of The Count of Monte Cristo film adaptation, so we took the required “Greetings” Scene photo for him – much like Tiernan did for me over two years ago 🙂



Clouds that looked to hold snow started to build by the time we got to the bottom of the garden, where it looks back up to the house, but it was nice to FINALLY get a picture with blue skies. Can’t wait to bring Mum and Dad here next year and I’m sure I will visit the place many more times for lovely walks and maybe a coffee 🙂


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