Let Me Eat Cake

engagement party mint pink

I have to confess that I’ve been holding back most of the food photos from our party. After posting the video of the party on Friday I really appreciated that I need to get myself into gear.

Mum and I spent about two days putting the food together for our party of about 55 people who came to celebrate our engagement while Tiernan and I were back in New Zealand.  We also got some awesome contributions from my extended family and friends. An aunty brought a tray full of scones, another aunt brought savouries, my father’s cousin brought a trifle, one of my old school friends brought a three-tiered strawberry baby wedding cake. She topped it with the bride and groom from her own wedding. Yet another friend, who happens to be a pasty chef, invented a mint and strawberry macaron for the day. It was such a lovely collaboration. So we had a lot of help, Mum and I. We certainly didn’t expect people to show up with as much food as they did, but it worked out to be exactly the right amount.

The food came in waves. The savouries first. Ladybird crackers, a cheese board, finger sandwiches and meatballs on toothpicks made their way round the crowd on trays. I’d initially envisioned a couple of dressed up trestles, but the food went so fast we didn’t really need them. It was handy come desert time because (somehow) we ended up with three or four cakes.

It was the first time we had an appropriate amount of catering – we weren’t eating party food for days after. That said, after all the guests had left Tiernan was found with an entire box of savouries we’d bought from Penny Lane Bakery earlier in the day. He was certainly willing to scoff down all those pies (mostly unassisted).

On the beverage side of things, not that I have any pictures really, we had a tea station with a dozen different teas and coffees for people to sample. Mum and I found a really great 8L kettle at the Warehouse which kept the hot drinks flowing. Dad decided to run the bar. He had his own little marquee, a small trestle table, and bucket upon bucket of wine, beer and juice on ice. Everyone had to take their compulsory champagne on arrival under pain of death 🙂

At the end of the day everyone left fed and watered, hopefully having had a lovely time. I said I had another album worth of food photos alone and here they are below. Hopefully (that seems to be the word of the day) they will be of inspirational use to anyone planning a shin-dig!

If you’d like the recipes for some of those cute snacks, the videos I used are below 🙂


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