Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Dublin St Patrick's Day

Well, I’m back from my tour of Scotland (which was amazing – pictures to come!). After my plane got in to Belfast City Airport on Monday afternoon I was really keen to  hit the road to Dublin. Tiernan said he would take me in to the St Patrick’s Day Parade; even though he doesn’t like it. Getting home to grab the car was a bit of a process because my Scottish trip was so perfectly budgeted I only had enough money left to get to the airport. Fortunately Tiernan did about five Giant’s Causeway tours this week, meaning he’d be in Belfast when I got home. So he met my taxi (and paid for it) in Belfast City Centre. I bused from town to home, picked up the car, and motored it to Dublin.

The weather was not as impressive as the Isle of Skye for St Patrick’s Day. Tiernan and I caught a DART in and made it just in time for the parade to start. There were people everywhere. Four deep seemed to be too many for a lot of people, just as many were walking away from the parade route as towards it. We were never under any illusion we’d see any of the parade. I’m only 5’2″, so we’d have needed to bring a ladder for me to have any hope of seeing any floats. What we did see was small children using the back alleys off O’Connell Street as a bathroom, touts selling Irish flags which became cheaper as the day went on, a civil defence boat on the River Liffey (just in case), and a very empty Penneys.

Mostly I wanted to experience the large numbers of people. I did and then promptly decided that was enough for a life time.  So we met Tiernan’s friend, and Best Man, Dave and his girlfriend on Grafton Street and opted to have tea and chats in his inner city apartment instead!

Dublin St Patrick's Day


3 thoughts on “Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  1. I only went to the the parade in Dublin once in 12 years, and I’m not a big fan to be honest. Too much people, and even the parade itself is not really my cup of tea…I think you didn’t miss anything spectacular and probably had more fun with your friends 🙂


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