Isle of Skye: Scottish Scenic Drive Scrapbook

isle of skyeI always end up with more photos than I have blog space to share! But I want to post them all, so you will want to get up and go to these awesome places right now! Immediate like! So here we are again with yet more photos of the gorgeous Isle of Skye.

The Isle of Skye is pure isolation. A photographer’s dream. We saw many a local photographer wrapped up and settling in for a long, sunny day capturing landscapes. We were comparatively rushed as we tried to experience as many views as possible around the island. Either side of our faerie hunts we made regular short stops for photos. Abandoning the warmth of the coach to sit about on rocks and road sides as the guide told us the history significance of each location.

Glamaig, for example, we learned has an annual hill race. It’s a fierce competition of daring as competitors attempt to completely ascend and descend the mountain in record time (current men’s record is under 44 minutes). The daring comes into it because Glamaig is mostly covered in scree (broken rock fragments) which become projectiles as they are kicked up by racers. The descent is considered to be one of the most dangerous hill racing legs in Scotland! For some reason I don’t have a photo of the cone itself, but the first two photos below were taken at the base of the mountain.

isle of skye isle of skyeIMG_0771isle of skyeisle of skyeisle of skyeFor all the time we spent on the bus, we definitely had our share of hiking and exercise. Definitely deserved our warm soup lunches. Brigette tried the white pudding burger, which is a bit more daring than me. I never even got into the Haggis. I’m not that sort of traveller!

We made maximum use of the superb weather. Our guide seemed to realise that photo opportunities got us the most excited out of anything and he stopped along a deserted road with a fabulously purple sky. It was bone chillingly cold, but totally worth it! When we got back toΒ Loch Buie Guest House, where we were staying, we all rugged up (Brigette and Claire with bottles of red wine, me with a sparkling grape juice) and made vegetarian Dal for half of the tour group. A bittersweet final night on tour!

isle of skye


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