Rowling’s Edinburgh

elephant house edinburghMonday morning was a little sad for me. Tour over. Friends had travelled back to London. I didn’t let that stop me from trying to see as much of central Edinburgh as I could before heading to the airport at noon.

I strolled around the corner to The Elephant House, a quaint inner city cafe that earned notoriety as the birthplace of Harry Potter. I order a peppermint tea and a plate of pancakes to enjoy while thinking about J.K. writing that illustrious series. Wondering if I could discipline myself to write more than a blog now and then. There was a young woman writing in the window at one point; perhaps hoping lightening will strike twice on the same forehead? I left with perhaps the only, and most amazing, bathroom selfie I shall ever take. Aside from the banner out front, having a ‘very important bathroom’ is the only other way the cafe acknowledges its wizarding roots.

elephant house edinburghA few doors down the road from the cafe is the graveyard where J.K. Rowling found inspiration for some of her famous characters. Most notably, Tom Riddle – Voldemort). Greyfriars Kirk would be creepy in winter if it were not right next to a wonderfully noisy school.

The path down to the Riddle grave is well trodden. Grass has no chance here. Quite a few pilgrims made their way here while I was in the graveyard. They’d arrive, take a picture and leave. I watched this recipe for about fifteen minutes before heading on.

greyfriars kirk tom riddle grave harry potterI walked back up towards the Royal Mile with a mind to stroll down one side and back up the other when I came across a couple of eagle owls! This one, I was told, is only 10 months old! The beautiful birds were attracting a lot of attention from passers-by.

owl edinburghWhen I reached the bottom of the Royal Mile (the Holyroodhouse end) I decided to have a go at view hunting up Arthur’s Seat. I only got half way up before running out of time (and energy) and turned back for the aircoach. Sad to leave Edinburgh and holidays behind me – until I leave for Morocco in April.edinburgh

No official tours were scheduled for the day I was in town. In case you’re left in the lurch as well, I’ve made a wee map of the stroll I did. Left at 9.30 am from the hostel and reached my bus stop at about 1.30 pm.
Harry Potter Walking Tour


2 thoughts on “Rowling’s Edinburgh

  1. So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I’m a US expat currently living in Dublin so this blog really hit home for me!

    I’m hoping to back to Edinburgh soon (I was there last summer) and I plan on doing my own kind of “JK Rowling” tour of the city — that is, seeing spots associated with Harry Potter and Rowling herself. Thanks for this advice!


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