Belfast make four in a row: Shamrock Bowl 2015

shamrock bowl 2015
It’s that time of year again. Shamrock Bowl time. The American Football season has reached its end and I drove down to Dublin to see it all unfold.

When my brother, Jack, and I first arrived in Ireland last year we did a lot of reconnaissance regarding the “football situation” in Ireland. By a rare ray of coincidence the top team in the league, the Belfast Trojans, is our local team. Jack signed up play almost immediately, taking the field for both their B Team (IAFL2 Conference) and, of course, their A team.

Here he is running of the field last Sunday.

shamrock bowl 2015shamrock bowl 2015

The Shamrock Bowl 2015 was played in the tragic sporting hole that is Dalymount Park on the North Side. Only one stand was open (in fairness, the spectators at American Football are such that only one stand is needed, which is a shame). The others covered in weeds and the tears of babies. The entire facility had two (possibly three, but you don’t want to try it) women’s toilets where I spent my entire half-time queuing while men fetching beers passed me back and forth.

With the change in scenery and the lack of interesting weather, my photo opportunities weren’t as great. Although it was torrential last year, the rain meant great photos of puddles being kicked up and players being completely destroyed. *sigh* I know those are some great priorities to take to a sports game!

shamrock bowl 2015shamrock bowl 2015shamrock bowl 2015

Enough giving out about the stadium… the game! In a sentence, it was a sunnier repeat of last year.

The Trojans faced off against Trinity College Dublin (again) and defeated them (again) – much to TCD’s disappointment. So it is four consecutive Shamrock Bowl victories for the Green Team.

The Trojans had an undefeated season while TCD came to the party with a 7-1. In fact, TCD actually started stronger. They scored about mid way through the first quarter and their defence kept the Trojans out of their territory. The college team has a few star players, but the veterans from Belfast soon showed that this is a team sport. Except for that one pass than ended up going to an opposing player…

The Trojans had an amazing run away touchdown from kick off. I think it was a 75 yard touch down? Someone fact check that. Everyone was on their feet loosing their brains. The final 8 minutes was the longest of my life. Seriously, it took about 15 minutes to play. There was a lot of face-masking. It was technical and nail biting, but the Trojans won and took away the metalware. I’m sure sponsors Budweiser are very happy and will be providing a pint or two for the lads.

Jack now has two gold medals to bring home. Decorated international sportsman?


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