Vlog: Finding Fermanagh

And finally, here is the vlog companion for my visit for Florence Court and Castle Coole a couple of weeks back!

I hope everyone’s weekend is lovely. My week has been extraordinarily busy – even despite the schools going back! It’s a lovely luxury to now have a weekend to sit back and do internet stuff.

Hope you enjoy the video!



One thought on “Vlog: Finding Fermanagh

  1. Loved seeing Castle Coole again Rachel. As I’ve said to you before, my great grandmother was born in Enniskillen, so I spent 4 days there with distant relies in 2012. I’ve not been to Florence Court but will put it on my bucket list for next time I’m in Co. Fermanagh.
    I may have mentioned this before too, but the vast basement at Castle Coole underwent major restoration & is apparently one of the best restored ‘servant’s quarter’s in the National Trust. Sounds like it’s worth a tour if you have time.


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