Two Months Until Our Celtic Wedding

Tuesday, Tiernan and I met our wedding celebrant. It’s strange that this should be the last cog in our wedding wheel. Everything else, from the venue to the grooms mens’ ties, had been sorted apart for the person who would be actually marrying us in our Irish ceremony.

A email to my phone advised me to look for the lady in the hat. The Library Bar of the Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, has a couple of distinct rooms, but it wasn’t hard to find the one person still wearing a hat indoors.

After tabling out bottles of 7up and introducing ourselves, Lorraine (the hat lady) and Naimh (an associate, the one who will be officiating our ceremony) broke down the ceremony with us. We went through everything, before the ceremony, the music, readings?, what kind of vows should we do? I

Think Tiernan and I had been so caught up in cravats and beef vs fish that we didn’t realise just how much we had left to settle on for the ceremony. We’re expecting a ‘script’ with a lot of things highlighted in yellow – for out attention.

We’re planning a celtic handfasting ceremony – literally tying the knot! I particularly like this idea because it will allow our respective mother’s to participate in the wedding ceremony. The mother’s will be invited to bestow a wish on us after we do our vow. Naimh will have ribbons to reflect those wishes and they will get tied to our knot.

As our conversation went on, the ladies asked us lots of questions about how we met. Stories we hadn’t thought about for a while. A lot of laughter. It was like doing a YouTube couples tag and has inspired me to con Tiernan into doing one. If I repost this blog, it will be because I have convinced him to do the video and am updating it!


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