Inside Mount Stewart

Just a line to say a big Thank You to anyone who vote, nominated or sent good vibes our way as Rachel in Ireland has made the finals of the Blog Awards Ireland.

It’s certainly further than I expected to get and am so glad that anyone all at reads this little puddle of miss-shapen thoughts!

drawing room mount stewart

This weekend my Aunt has been visiting from New Zealand (via South America and Europe). Jack and I took her to Mount Stewart as they were having their annual Autumn Fair. Everyone loves a fair!

It was also a good opportunity to take a dander about the west wing interior of the house. This is the business and entertainment portion of the house and is laden with beautiful things.

carpet drawing room mount stewart

Most people’s favourite seems to be the Central Hall.  Bright, due to the large sky light, with an ornate chandelier, hand-painted columns and a black and white the hall makes an impressive welcome.

central hall mount stewart

chandelier mount stewarr

We then moved in to the Black & White Stone Hall which is lined with guilded chairs and oriental lacquered cabinets. Jack was impressed because although many great houses of this period have the odd piece of laqureware, Mount Stewart has a lot!

stone hall mount stewart


George Stubbs‘ painting of Hambletonian (dated 1800) hangs above the landing in the Stone Hall. This great horse won in Newmarket in 1799, fetching a prize of 3000 guineas. Hambletonian belonged to the father of Francis Anne, the wife of the 3rd Marquess of Londonderry. It is now one of the most important pieces in the collection at Mount Stewart.

lord londonderry's sitting room mount stewart

My favourite room (so far) at Mount Stewart is Lord Londonderry’s Sitting Room. I think the collection in this room is displayed beautifully. The room looks out on to the front lawn and the Sunk Garden. It gets a decent amount of light and I think it would be a great room to read in.

mount stewart autumn fair

After patrolling the house we decided to get coffees and snacks to take into the formal gardens.

The colours are starting to fade (as is the light in general here – so low at 1pm!). We picked the first sunlit pew we could find in the gardens, which happened to be in the Sunk Garden.

jack and bev

We spent a long time sitting here just looking at the garden before we decide to head to the Titanic Experience in Belfast. Taking the long route back to the car, through all the gardens first, of course.

mairi garden mount stewart

mairi garden mount stewart


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