Mount Stewart Festival of Light, A Photographer’s Dream

festival of light mount stewart
I have returned from my big adventure sad that it is over, but equipt with so many cool things to tell you all. Mum and Dad have been dropped to Dublin where they are staying with Tiernan’s parents for a few more days and everyone else has gone their separate ways.

Mount Stewart’s Festival of Light seemed to be an appropriate send off. Now into its third year, the Festival of Light is a feast for the eyes – not to mention a photographer’s dream! I didn’t have a tripod with me (because I’m not that kind of photographer/traveller who is always armed), but I’m quite happy with how some of these photos turned out. Thanks, I should think, mostly to the fabulous lighting!

festival of light mount stewart

festival of light moun stewart

festival of light moun stewart

The National Trust is passionate about preserving places and sharing them with others. In fact ‘Inspiring People’ is one of its tenets. It seems appropriate that local artists are included in the festival’s amazing installations.

Local artists, Tina Chong and Victoria Bentham, have provided an amazing dimension to the event. The stag in the photo is one of Victoria’s pieces, created specifically for the Festival of Light. I’m amazed I got a moment alone with it as there were hundreds of children running about, playing with it and enjoying the changing colours.

Something that cannot be captured in a photograph was the ethereal music produced by National Trust Ranger, Will Hawkins. Changing the mood subtly, the sounds followed you around the lake.

mount stewart festival of light

The interior of the house was open for viewing as well. Fortunately we went there first because a queue soon formed – 2000 tickets were sold to the Saturday event (maximum capacity!).

Subtle, yet effective, spotlighting is used throughout the grand rooms to create amazing shadows and highlight elements of the collection.

mount stewart festival of light

festival of light moun stewart

festival of light moun stewart

festival of light moun stewart

This photo, of the great Stubbs painting ‘Hambletonian Rubbing Down’, shows the beautiful symmetry the lighting created in the stone hall. A lot of thought must have gone into the light design and it was beautiful to see.

I have never attended a Festival of Light at Mount Stewart before. While walking around the grounds I was told that this year differs greatly to the last two. I really like the idea that you can attend this annual event and get a completely different experience. Makes me look forward to next year a little bit!

festival of light hambletonian mount stewart
My only persisting criticism of this event is the name. This ‘Festival of Light’ is never going to reach the top of any google search, you know, because of Diwali. Fortunately the event has gathered a great local reputation so if you are ever in Northern Ireland during November you will probably come across it.

Although the Saturday events are sold out, there are still tickets left to this event which will run for 20 – 29 November 2015. #myfestivaloflight


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