Dublin, Frugally.

Meeting other expat bloggers has been one of the great joys of starting this website. Cory Hanson was one of the first expats I came across. His journey in Ireland has been vividly documented; first on his personal (now retired) blog, The Narcissistic Expat Diaries, and now at the semi-pro Five Suitcases.

Cory came to Dublin as a trailing spouse to his lovely wife Sara in 2013. Trading Iowa for Ireland, they launched themselves completely into their expat experience. My abiding memory of those early days are the posts about acquiring pint glasses in random situations. I say posts, for there are several. When my husband and I moved into our Belfast rental and opened the press to find half a dozen half-pint glasses (courtesy of our predecessors) I laughed out loud at the strange, compound silica connection.


I’ve been inspired by their attempts and success at living in Dublin, on a budget, and still experiencing as much of their host country as possible. Experience is definitely not something they sacrificed – and what a shame that would have been after coming all this way.

After sharing his experiences in blog form Cory decided to create an amazing tool for anyone looking to visit Dublin. The Frugal Guide Dublin has just been launched for 2016, its second edition.

frugal guide dublin cory hanson

An utterly invaluable e-book, the Frugal Guide is jammed-packed with travel tips, strolls, and suggestions for the financially conscious. Typically free or cheap, this guide is a companion to seeing the most of Dublin with the least punishment on your pocket. Even the cost of the guide practises what it preaches – it’s FREE to download on Smashwords!

Always growing, the guide has been expanded to include some of the… well, less-cheap, of Dublin’s attractions. Cory has been so dedicated to this project and is continuously improving and updating it with new discoveries.

St Stephen's Green Dublin

With Tiernan still working out of Dublin I travel down fairly regularly. In the build up to the wedding last year we often found ourselves with days off but no cash. Because of that, going on random walks has become a bit of a past time. So when Cory sent me the link to this guide the first thing I wanted to do was read his walking trails.

I recommend trying his Urban Park Scramble, a 1.25hr stroll around the South Side city green spaces. Visiting St Stephen’s Green, the Iveagh Gardens and Merrion Square in one go will also take you through some of Dublin’s important, cultural history. Check out the guide to see what I mean. The walk also brings your right passed some of my favourite places in Dublin – the National Museums!

Bridge st stephens green dublin

Natural History Museum

Congratulations on the awesome achievement that is the second year of the Frugal Guide. If you’re planning a trip to Dublin or are looking to reminisce over a light travel read, definitely download this amazing guide and visit Cory at Five Suitcases!


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