Pop Up to the Film Club – Again

Another year in Belfast, another Christmas coming, another round of festive themed films at Film Club!
pop up film clubThis little company seems to be getting more and more popular. In the aftermath of my weekend visit to Pop Up Film Club’s showing of Home Alone I have heard so many people talking about their film club experiences.

One of the volunteers at work raved about how much her grandkids loved The Polar Express, which was shown at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum the week before. They loved how the lights on the real life trains changed with the movie and the man dressed up like Tom Hank’s conductor character. Another regaled me with the story of her son going to see Titanic aboard the SS Nomadic.

So in their one year of showing films, Pop Up Film Club only seems to be getting more creative.

As I said, I went to see Home Alone over the weekend. Brother Jack (the relation, not the preacher), Tiernan and I decided it was time to see this childhood classic on the big screen again.

jack pop up film club

We thought we were going to be late, but arrived in plenty of time to procure the appropriate film feed: chicken curry for me, a pork bap for Tiernan and popcorn for all of us. Compliments to the chef, for the curry was delish and I need them to come to my home and make more for me.

pop up film club food

Like last year, we entered the make-shift cinema through the double, Narnia doors and got sprayed all over with foam. Christmas trees had been dotted around the room and every ledge had battery tea light candles and snow on them. This snow, I was told, comes from Westeros! A friend of a friend worked on the series and managed to pilfer some artificial snow. Winter has definitely come to film club this year. Even the snow is famous (Jack is demonstrating the GOT snow in the photo above).

This year the seating was in a stalls area and a mezzanine upstairs. We sat downstairs and off to the right side, my normal preferred seat in any cinema, and out butts were sufficiently numb by the time intermission rolled around.

rachel pop up film club

It had been so long since I’d seen Home Alone that it was like seeing the movie for the first time. Every line was a surprise until it came to the part when Joe Pesci and his side kick try to break into the McAllister’s home – also known as the PAIN SEQUENCE. How bizarre is it that I remembered that sequence frame for frame, but couldn’t remember anything else about the movie?

merry christmas pop up film clubThere are still tickets available, as of the date of this post, for those of you looking to get into the Christmas spirit with some old favourites. Miracle on 34th Street is showing on December 18.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!


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