Destination Wedding Videography

I swares to you that this is the last of the wedding stuff. If you do not follow my social media (which you totally should do. I mean, come on, sort that out) then you may not know we have received our official wedding video.

This was totally worth the 5 month wait and captures the day better than anything Tiernan and I could have done on our own.

The videographer, Claudio Sichel of Whites Film, did an amazing job. He spent time with Tiernan in the morning before coming to me during the makeup session. From there he captured the whole day in some extraordinary pans.

Ireland by Liza Anne, an American musician, is the scoreย for this trailer. The lyrics say everything we couldn’t put into words on our own about Ireland and about moving here as an Irish/Kiwi couple!

When I grow old, I want folks to come around and sing me songs of youthย 
Remind me of the time that I moved to Ireland, just to be with you

A videographer was a last minute decision for us. I thought we would be fine with simply a traditional photographer. I love photos and put a lot of effort into making sure that we would be left with a portfolio to really enjoy.

As the wedding drew nearer I really started to appreciate vlogging (not that I do it as often as I would like) and decided to have a quick search for someone who could film the day and not make it too cheesy or smoochy.

Claudio came up as a local videographer with a lot of experience in Venice. His website and huge variety of publicly viewable trailers convinced me that he would be amazing to work with. We booked him and he definitely exceeded expectations! His following is not half a large as he deserves and I thoroughly recommend him to anyone considering a destination wedding in Northern Italy.


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