Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives [Essential eBook]

There are two things I love in combination: beauty and practicality. So being asked to collaborate with a travel resource that has both, well, you know I am going to get on board! Chill Insurance has been hard at work collaborating with some of the most delightful Irish bloggers to create an inspiring guide to driving in Ireland.

Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives is an entirely FREE ebook – available now!

irelands most beautiful drives

When you’re visiting Ireland it’s hard to know where to start. You’re probably coming here with a bucket list of ‘must sees’. But how do you know what is going to exceed all expectations? Perhaps it’s time to sit down with a cupán tae (yup, that means ‘cup of tea’ – you’re speaking Irish already!), download these beautiful pages, and take the words of some well travelled locals.

Beware – your bucket list might be a little longer by the end of the book!

the vote chill irelands most beautiful drives

It all starts with the vote! Chill went to the people who know best – the locals – and asked the big question:

What is Ireland’s most beautiful drive?

Well, the results have been tallied, whittled down to the top 3, and I won’t be spoiling it for you. Here’s a cheeky hint – it’s also my favourite! A drive I have done many, many times is sitting in the number one spot in well-earned glory.

I feel like I’m having a ‘but that’s not all’ moment right now. But really, that vote is only the first few pages. Keep reading and you’ll get to some juicy advice for driving in Ireland. It’s all so beautifully presented in a style I haven’t seen before anywhere!

Remember the part where I said they collaborate with Irish bloggers? This is the section I love best. In their own words, Irish bloggers provide their top scenic drives. Adorned with some gorgeous, full colour photographs that make you want to get there right now, their words feel like a secret window looking out onto lesser travelled Ireland.

Page 9 - It's a travelful life

Sure what more would you want?

Mayo based blogger Marteen (It’s a Travelful Life) poses another hard question. In quintessential Irish fashion (and like many of her fellow collaborators), Marteen favours her local drive. The South Mayo Scenic Drive weaves together pretty little towns with sweeping scenic views.

By pure coincidence Tiernan was there just yesterday amidst the low mist nestling at the base of the mountains and the shimmering Lough Mask reflecting on a windless day. He and I both love driving in Ireland. Heck, Tiernan even does it for a living! He says that Ireland is his office and every day is different.

Driving is a liberating way to see the country. Ireland has more hidden craggy coves and tiny country roads that you can dream of. There is nothing more delightful then getting yourself a little bit lost in the Emerald Isle. You can stop whenever you like and change your mind at the last minute in a way impossible by any other form of transport.

If that doesn’t convince you that driving is the best way to see Ireland, perhaps the final ‘tips’ section of the ebook will!

It is extremely important to stay safe – particularly when driving in unfamiliar territory. If you’re planning a self-drive trip to Ireland, this ebook has essential advice that will keep you safe on the sometimes narrow roads in the often dubious weather.

The tips are honest and practical. Bloggers give you little one-liner hints about things like driving in fog or de-icing your windshield – things I never had to do at home in New Zealand but do daily during the Irish winter.

This is possibly the ebook I wish I’d had before coming to live in Ireland. It is definitely a book you need in your digital library and, since it’s free, grab it now!

Ireland’s Most Beautiful Drives

Do you agree with the number one spot? Have you driven in Ireland before? Leave your own tips and tricks below!

***Pictures for this post have been provided by as part of our collaboration***


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