How to Travel With Your Sibling


img_4983This sort of post crops up in the blogging world every couple of years and after two years of living in Belfast with my brother Jack, I feel we are qualified to contribute to the discussion. In fact, we have sibling travel down to a science.

There are five years between my brother and me,Β a tad larger gap than I have seen in other sibling pairs. We travelled frequently as young children and my parents knew the woes of a family of five being stuffing into cars of various sizes. Although the getting there was often difficult, memories of enjoying a destination together as a family remain.

When I decided to go back to Ireland, I heavily suggested that Jack should come too. Now he is heading home to New Zealand, and in light of our great trip to Paris in May, I would like to share some tips about how we made sibling travel so successful!

1. Plan together

A bunk in a hostel dorm can often get my thrifty senses tingling. An extra 30 bucks to spend on something else? Whhhhhaaat? Too bad for me Jack prefers private quarters.

Planning together allowed us to cater for our different travel styles. My rule here is err on the side of the most private person. You can get cheap, private rooms in a low budget hotel or hostel. Although that will never be as barrel scrappingly cheap as a dormitory, it is a lot harder to persuade a private person to share with six strangers than it is to increase your budget with plenty of notice (for saving purposes). Why make someone feel uncomfortable? It won’t help the trip vibes. And if the money really is unsavable… well, this sibling journey just isn’t for you, because compromise is the backbone of YOUR ENTIRE TRIP (see point #2).

It’s important to agree about what you are going into so you can have max fun and minimum disappointment on your adventure.”Β 

2. Be ready to compromise


“Try making a Top 5 list each and see how many you can work into your trip. You might find you have similar ideas. You are related after all!”

3. Realise each other’s strengths

“Don’t be afraid to step back if your sibling is in their element!”

4. Eat often!


5. …

6. …

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