Tiernan’s Two Minute Ireland and Rachel’s Shame!

Hello, everyone!

Tiernan has picked up the slack for me this month! The last few months at work have been really busy. It’s been a great summer and the event schedule has been mad.  The discipline to come home from work and do something other than watch Gilmore Girls has complete escaped me.

Fortunately, Tiernan has been around Ireland with groups and has filmed some short and sweet, but interesting little videos for our YouTube channel – just to tide you over while I recollect my marbles!

My personal fave is today’s video of King John’s Castle in Limerick.

Tiernan has made three little insights into the life of a tour guide in Ireland. Hopefully a good indication of more to come? Huh, Tiernan? Head over to YouTube to check those out. But only if, you know, you want to.

What’s to come? 

I am determined not to stop writing stuff and filming stuff altogether.

For October we have:

  • Our Kitten Update to follow on from the June post
  • A new house tour video
  • More from Killarney
  • A trip to Waterford
  • Plenty of things to do in County Down
  • and… maybe… a little brother Jack update if we can work out A. how to film it and B. I ask him to do it.

Apologies and much love. I’m off to eat ice cream out of the tub!

Rachel x


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